New game plan in full swing :)

I am happy to report I have a new plan.  I am feeling positive and in the process will work through my goals.  I started the Couch 2 5K program over.  I did Day 1 of Week 1 yesterday and it was a piece of cake so tomorrow I will be going to week 2 day 1.  When I hit a week that is challenging, I am going to stay on that week and I am going to listen to my body more.  If I need to repeat a week, thats ok.  I think that will help me achieve my goals is a better way.  I know running is a slow process and I just need to be more patient with myself.  I also want to take it a little easier running so that I can alternate 3 days a week running and 3 days a week of my NMTZ DVD.  I did that today and it was tough!  Its a great DVD though with plenty of moves for beginners but plenty of room to challenge.  Plus, there are so many different moves that I don’t see getting bored with it anytime soon.

And in other news, got my hair highlighted today.  I put some honey and red highlights in and it looks great!  Rob at Drew James always seems to know what I am wanting and he is so quick too!  It makes my hair a little more interesting and gives it a little volume too!  Yay!

I am soo looking forward to next weekend and seeing family and friends in Nashville.  I miss that town more and more and I hope that this crazy journey I am on will lead me home.  I miss being around my family and I want to see my friends more.  I really want to buy a home and stay put.  I love our apartment and our life here, but I think I am ready to own my own home and pour my creativity into it.  I will have to be patient and just take more pictures when I go home this time so that I can look at them when I am feeling a little homesick.  A least I have Eric here and my animals.  They really are my home when it comes down to it and I couldn’t ask for a better place for my heart to live everyday.

Found a couple new tools that help with reminders.  Brompt will email you when you haven’t blogged (you set the schedule).  And I got water tracker for my iPhone and it reminds me to drink water (push notifications) and tracks the amount I have had that day.  Its really great and has annoyed me just enough to drink significantly more water the last few days.

Well I do think that is quite a long enough post.  I have more to say but I will be back on Monday or so (my 25th birthday!) for some more short and long term goals and some reflections in general since it is a big birthday!


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2 Responses to New game plan in full swing :)

  1. Stella says:

    You are doing great. I hope you are having a wonderful birthday weekend. I can’t wait to see you this week. Your highlights sound beautiful.

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