Nice finish to the week and things in progress

Hello all!!  So happy to have this week over.  It was a busy one filled with waiting on exam grades from 2 weeks ago.  I did better than I thought I would I am happy to report!! We had a foundations test today (board review type of class) and it wasn’t bad.  Its a pass/fail class so I am pretty sure I passed and I like that its a more formative class than others.  In general I think its a cool idea for a class to review the previous block’s material.  They are all about the repetition this year and I think it works.  IGC also seems to reinforce what we learn in class too!  Its a good structure overall and I am glad I chose Nova for med school.

We have a community service requirement for each semester and I am happy to say that I found an opportunity that I am really excited about.  Its an internship at a State Senator’s office and I would be giving medical input on a state health care bill!!  How cool is that??  Also, for next semester, I am working on doing the RHE through MSFC.  I would get trained to perform ABs and other services for women at pro-choice clinics.  I know this will be part of my practice so I can’t wait to get involved in this opportunity one way or another.

I am also working on my application to be an OPP Fellow.  It would be such a great experience and I think I am shaping up to be a decent candidate.  I also know a lot of great people who are applying as well and I think they would make great teachers and fellows too.  There are only 6 spots so while I am hopeful that I will get a spot, I realize that it is competitive.  Just gonna be optimistic and hope for the best.  I also am excited about rotations too though!  So either way, next year will be a great learning opportunity and it will be great to get out of the passive lecture learning and get real experience with lots of patients.  Med school moves so fast and we learn so much in a short period of time.  Its really crazy.  I am really happy I survived the first year and am on to much better times now.

Now I am off to decide on whether or not to go out for the night!  Catch up again soon!


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