Not much going on….

Haha, I guess that isn’t the best title for a blog post but its the truth.  Not a whole lot going on here just some planning stages and informational meetings plus school school school.  It has been a lighter week and it has been a breath of fresh air!!  I have watched a lot of Law and Order and have been trying to sort through some problems in my life.  I am approaching a solution for one of them hopefully and when it is finished, I should be able to breathe a little easier.  I am ready to start running again I think.  I need the stress-relief like no other.  I think this time it will be non-structured.  I am going to just run until I can’t go anymore and then keep pushing.  I think I do better with that method.  Other than the thoughts in my head, things have been calm.  Daisy seems to be a happy little pug with her 3 walks a day and some play time.  She likes to sneak in bed with us though which I don’t mind 😉 but E wants her to sleep in her bed!  She gets the boot periodically but I think he likes her a lot since I catch him talking to her and strangely calling her “big cat”.  Since he loves cats I guess this is a term of endearment LOL.  Ok I am off to watch a little TV on my phone in bed and call it a night.  Got EKG learnin to do tomorrow!  After the intubation clinic last night, I should be a real doc by tomorrow!  Haha…gnight!


About Mind is Full as is Life

I am using the blogosphere to explore my hobbies and reading interests in a more detailed and organized way. Also, an effort to learn to enjoy my wonderful free time in a richer way
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