Tooo toooo long!

Hello all!  It has been a really long time since I last posted.  I haven’t been doing anything particularly exciting but med school has kept me busy!  Midterms were yesterday and I am feeling pretty positive about it.  I took advantage of not having anything to study last night and went to the gym.  It’s only been 12 days since the last run but it was a toughie!  I think it was a little not wanting to be there and a little needing new music to work out to.  I wonder if Pandora works in the gym?  That would be lovely!  I did No More Trouble Zones (NMTZ) tonight and it was tough but better than last time.  I push as hard as I can but I can’t do all of it.  I am hoping I am doing enough.  Last time I did feel it the next day though.  I need to get back on my working out routine.  I missed it as I got busy cramming for midterms and I like it a lot.  Its turned into my time that I am just focusing on me.  With med school taking up a lot of time, and trying to spend time with Eric and work in talking to friends….I don’t have a ton of time for me.  Its nice to challenge myself and try to focus on the different parts of me that I want to strengthen and change.

I do need to have better “sleep hygiene”.  I have gotten into the terrible cycle of napping, being not tired enough at a good time to go to bed, not getting enough sleep, then being tired again the next day and needing a nap.  Well no more!!  More earlier bed time for me and hopefully that will give me more energy to be productive the next day.  I would also like to be more productive and efficient with my time.  I think if I can focus on the task in front of me and give it my full attention, I can get it done faster and better and have more time to do something OTHER than school and working out.

Also, my birthday is Monday!  Woo hoo for the big 25!!  I am trying to think of how I want to spend it this weekend.  I am going to try to get as much one as I can early in the weekend so I can do nothing for a couple of days!  I would love to go shoot some gorgeous pictures or something like that but I don’t know where and I would love suggestions!

Well, more to tell but I need to stay on the goal of early to bed….more tomorrow or soon!

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New phone, crash phone and weights

Hello all!!  Well I have kept on it this week with my school and fitness goals.  I have read after class for all 3 days that we have had significant lecture material.  Glad I am keeping up because this material can get away from you ULTRA FAST.  No lectures tomorrow, just case study board review which should be interesting and, if its not, then at least its over at 10am and I don’t have class again UNTIL TUESDAY!!!  Yay for 3 day weekends every week (that’s right, be jealous) until mid September!  I am really going to take advantage of them and try to review again over the weekend and take a day completely off each week!  What a great schedule!

I also really like the material so far.  I feel like it is so much for practical for the actual practice of medicine.  The basic sciences were so removed from medicine that it was frustrating.  Now I can start to see my future patients (and they illnesses) and feel like I am trying to treat them.  Its pretty cool actually and less stressful as well.

I am keeping up with running with another day tomorrow.  Got the Jackie Warner Power Circuit weights DVD today and did the upper body and abs workouts tonight.  They are fantastic!  My arms are seriously tired sitting here and I already feel some ache in my abs.  I like that I can break it up and not work out my legs outside of running.  I can feel all those muscles getting sculpted!  Yay!

And for BIG NEWS…..I GOT MY IPHONE 4 TODAY!!!  Yay!!!!  I love it and it is soooo much faster than my old 3G.  I have been playing with it all night and put a pretty little yellow case right on it out of the box.  Can’t have my new phone running around naked!  On a much sadder note, Eric’s phone tried to commit suicide in the kitchen and his screen is a shattered mess.  We are going to get it fixed ASAP (thankful that we can do that) and hopefully he will be a happier hubby in a few days.  I should buy him a case right now to protect his new phone….

See you tomorrow for running update and more 🙂

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New plan….new goals….

Ok, I had to make a new plan tonight because keeping up with the increase in running times with my 5k plan and the increase with power sculpt was leaving me too sore to work out.  So, my new plan is basically doing the 5k plan every other day until I am finished with it (which is in 2.5 weeks).  At that point I am going to add in Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones to the mix and keep the running as cardio creating a 5 day a week plan of 3 runs and 2 weights days.  I am pretty excited about this because it will give my body the time it needs to rest my legs and I can still get to my goal of being able to run a 5k!!

I also just ordered Jackie Warner’s Personal Training Power Circuit DVD and it looks fantastic.  It looks like it has a ton of variability and it breaks the work outs into upper body, lower body, abs and then a couple of circuits.  I like that because I am probably still going to do the upper body and abs while I am finishing up the running so that I don’t lose the tone I have made already.  Its better than the other DVDs I have right now because I can leave my legs alone and let the running take over there for awhile.

I had my first day of M2 blocks today and I am really looking forward to this year.  I think it is going to be tough but the subjects look so much more interesting already!  I can’t believe I started a year ago.  It is amazing how time flies!!!  I am happy that it is going by quickly though because it is the hardest thing I have ever done.  It is not so much the subject material as it is the sheer quantity.  I am trying to get a handle on it but it is tough.  It is so easy to get behind but you have to just put your head down and power through it.  Its a good thing its so expensive or I think more people would quit.  I really want this though and I really hope it is worth it in the end.

As I work though school, being married and trying to pursue hobbies like working out, photography and my animals and family, it is becoming very clear to me that I would be happiest in a specialty where I can balance work and home evenly.  Some of the more time consuming specialties are very appealing but at the end of the day, I want to be home with family, friends and pets.  Its just that simple.  And I think life is best when it is simple and filled with things and people that challenge you and that you find rewarding.  I think I will really start to pay attention to what specialty opportunities there are and how I can be a great doctor that also is a great family member, friend and wife.

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I did it!

I am happy to blog that I did go run!  It was a good run too!!  The first mile was easy and the second one was better than it has been!  Oh, and I went to target to get some new workout clothes and I had to get them all in smaller sizes!  Cool!!  Got some cute running capris, shorts and some good bras.  Yay!!  Well more tomorrow!  Good thing I have a blog or I don’t think I would have run today!

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One semester down already??

Well, I have been the absent blogger!  I was waiting until I had all the grades in before I blogged but I am happy to say that this semester was a success!  A success in that I passed pharm (thank goodness) and did fine in Path!  Yay!!  I think path is totally manageable in one month but pharm is a whole different story.  Thankfully we will be getting path with each of the systems courses coming with this semester.  I am looking forward to this semester coming and having way less exams than before.  I get so sick of the constant exams and I do not learn well that way.  I have learned that I have to stay on top of the material more often though.  I have a serious goal of reviewing each night what I learned that day.  Help me stay on track!

I also have not worked out in 4 days!!  WTF!!!  I will be going today and I will come back later and report on it.  The running program is basically to the point now of running for a mile, walk a half-mile then do it again.  I am going to run as far as I can today, walk a half mile then another mile and just get up to 5k that way.  I like that I am getting more confident in branching out away from the program.  I want running to just be something for me.  I have thought about the p90x and I am just not sure about it.  It looks a little too insane and I don’t think I want that level of craziness.  I do need some new weights and yoga DVDs though.  I am getting bored and not challenged with the power sculpt and I have never found that golden yoga video.  Suggestions would be great.

Daisy and the cats are still not best friends but things are settling into more of a routine with them.  We have gated off the office so that the cats can have the house and Daisy can spend time with us in the office.  It seems to keep everyone happy and sane.  I would like to not have to have the gate but I think it just takes a long time.  Sleeping in on the weekends has been a little challenging but I think we figured it out!  Eric is sweet and gets up when she wants to go out on the weekends since I have to get up so early throughout the week.  Then he just comes back to bed and brings Daisy with him!  She was quite the little snuggler this morning and we got to sleep until noon with no problems!  Yay!  I like this solution because I get to cuddle with her 🙂  Well, I will be back later with a running update!

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Wow….been WAAAY too long….

So my last post was July 12th!!  Thats 12 days ago!!  What have I been thinking!  Anyway….life has been full of studying and — I am happy to say — working out!  I have been keeping up pretty well considering I had a test the Thursday after coming back from Nashville and this past Monday as well.  I did very well on the first one but not so hot on the second one.  I wasn’t as focused as I could have been and the average was  way low for the class so it may not have been me.  I have had a very hard time staying on target with my studying goals.  I wonder if I stack my plate too high, get discouraged, then become less productive?  I am going to work on making a smaller workload at a time and getting in more quality.

I have been doing the workout thang and its been great.  I have felt a lot less stress than I remember having last semester and that means everything.  I sleep better, I am more even-tempered and I think I am just more relaxed overall.  Those were my goals for working out in the first place and boy have they really come true!!  I have had to be slightly less strenuous with the workouts and I have had to add more off days — but I try to listen to my body on that.  If I can barely walk because of my big run or a tough power sculpt….then I try to walk Daisy extra the next day and maybe do some yoga or stretching.  I am officially over the half-way mark with my 5k program!  Woo hoo!!  I have also moved on to level 2 of power sculpt and oh man did it get tough!!  I like stepping it up though.  I am seeing small changes all over my body from the weights/running.  They are all small — but I think I like the slowness of the change.

I like thinking about it as I workout — how every rep changes those muscle fibers a certain amount or how my heart and lungs are getting stronger with each run.  It reminds me why I wanted to be here in the first place.  The human body is ridiculous.  You give it a challenge and it responds.  Good or bad it will react and adapt.  I mean I haven’t been working out that long and I already see some changes!  I think it inspires me too to help my patients make lifestyle changes as a way of improving health.  It TRULY is the best way to reverse or reduce the damage done.

Everything is good on the animal front. Daisy is settling in nicely and the cats are getting braver.  There is still some chasing and hissing every now and then — but it really is getting better.  I wish we could take Daisy home to Nashville with us but I think its too much of a risk with her flying.  I think I might want to drive home for the December break.  Its a long drive but I think it could be fun too.  I do like roadtrips with Eric a lot.  Ok, I have to hit the hay but I will be back more regularly!!!

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Nanny is great and Daisy is back!

Wow, what a difference a few days make!!  We went home to Nashville this weekend and saw Nanny.  I am VERY happy to report that Nanny is doing REMARKABLY!!!  She is really one of the strongest people I know.  She is very lucid and is able to walk well, eat well, talk to people and she understands what is going on around her.  She is lacking a little strength but she is now in a rehab facility and is getting a good amount of help.  The people there are so nice, the place itself is nice and home-y and the food is good (according to Nanny’s detailed report).  She is very well-oriented and I am so happy to see her bouncing back to her normal self.  All my family is there and being very supportive.  I think all the support and encouragement really helps her too.  She will probably not be able to live alone anymore, but I think making it to 87 without needing to live with someone is pretty impressive!!  She will hopefully live with Bernadette after she gets her strength back in the rehab place.  I think the universe works in amazing ways and it never stops amazing me how resilient the body and human spirit truly are.

She really inspires me to keep taking care of myself.  I take it for granted that whenever I want my body to do anything….I just ask it to and it responds.  How lucky we are that we can walk, lift, run, bend and stretch!  All I have to do is get up off my butt and I can go work out as long as I want!  It makes the silly excuses for not exercising seem even more inane.  After a crazy trip home, I just made time for yoga tonight because I wanted to get it in.  I have a run tomorrow (schedule got moved around a bit but still staying on target with my goals….yipee!).

And more great news (how lucky and I to be filled with it today?! :)) …..DAISY IS COMING BACK TO US!!!! After a not-so-good encounter with the adoptive family’s dog, they decided to not keep Daisy.  Their dog didn’t see to want a new member in the family.  Daisy is staying with a wonderful member of the CPR team on the Florida west coast until this weekend, unless we get her sooner.  Otherwise, our little Daisy girl will be home this weekend….FOREVER!  I am so excited about this and even happier that Eric and I were able to compromise on this.  Our deal is that he can play video games whenever he wants (which has annoyed me for a long time and who knows why anymore) and we get Daisy (which inconveniences him in some ways but they are minor enough that her life would not be affected at all).  We both get things that make us happy and we get to understand that the other needs something we may not understand to get there.  Eric has missed her too and the cats had made some good progress before she left.

Well, on the less productive note, I have not gotten much done this past week so I have some serious catching up to do!!  I will basically be working out and studying this week.  Path test Thursday and Pharm Monday.  I am positive though.  Gonna try some new techniques and positive attitude to get me through!  Looking forward to learning cool stuff about how the body breaks (path) and what drugs can fix it (pharm)!  Goodnight and THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GOOD THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS.  I know they made all the difference!

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